Okhta mall entrance

The general idea behind our proposal is the excitement and buzz you get from a fairground. Probably the best psychological trick to change shopping behaviour done by light. The decorative light that brings you in the cheerful mood which is needed. To change the behaviour of the general shopping mall visitor who is only coming for one thing to buy. And even not sold anything you sold the enjoyment of being at the mall. You’re sure he comes back. Brings his family. Which we thought is probably the best of Okhta: The family-friendly atmosphere. The mall is a wonderful addition to the city life. It shines family-comfort and progress. So needed for a city like St Petersburg.

Having said all this let dive a little more into the design we made for you. The entrance space now is gloomy. A missed opportunity, especially because it’s The Space to welcome your guests. In our design, the light dotted vault illuminates the wall and ceiling. It brights up the potential beautiful high space. The sculptures are levelled with the existing wall downlights. It doesn’t intervene with each other. It all can maintain the same.
We added a second component to it: The RGB power lights in the middle of the sculpture. This makes the cheerfull coloured shadow effect on the wall and ceiling. They can be combined both and separately controlled to own needs and desire.  Or even placed in certain day-cycle that matches with day and night experience. This can be done by a user-friendly DMX controller that can interact with general light control system like Dali. There is even option that light is adjusted automatically by light intensity measured outside. All done to keep the light effect optimal during the day. We have done a similar thing for the Serendipity project. The sculpture is placed in day-cycle simulating the sun.
The coloured shadow effect in combination with the dotted light is never seen before. The sculpture is non-readable caused by its camouflage. All made to make the shapes mysterious. Causing surprise at first and curiosity secondly. Beside the sculpture emphasize the cheerful atmosphere we are pretty sure it will create publicity as well. Which fits like a pair of gloves for me. For such a progressive shopping mall that change the city life of St Petersburg in a beautiful way.

Only coloured shadows

Only dotted light

All the lights combined