We shed a different light

Studio Dennis Parren is a multidisciplinary design studio that focuses on using natural and artificial light as a design material. With a team of three designers and a network of experts, partners and freelancers we create our work.

We design from the idea that light = everything. Without light there is no colour, and no life. We use light as a material to progress and innovate the way in which we experience, think about, and look at light. We use the mystery of colour and light to create new concepts, and use cases for light to innovate, educate, inspire and amaze.

Dennis Parren is driven by his intuition and curiosity. Characteristic for his method of working is extensive research, experimentation, and a lot of trail and error to push the boundaries of his designs. Being able to control the outcome of what you see and experience is essential to Dennis his work. Everything you see, you see for a reason :)

Dennis graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven, The Netherlands, In 2011 and has Bachelor of Arts from the De Montfort University (DMU) in the United Kingdom.

Studio Dennis Parren is based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Known as the city of light, Eindhoven is also the home of Philips, ASML, NXP and the High Tech Campus. Considered to be the smartest region in the world and named ‘hands-down the most inventive city in the world’ by Forbes makes it a great place for us to work from.

Highlights over the years


The launch of the Milkyway lamp, a pendant lamp which projects a coloured, seemingly three-dimensional star-strewn galaxy on the ceiling and the upper parts of the walls. By gently spinning the Milkyway’s shade the galaxy is set in motion.

Dennis and the work of Studio Dennis Parren got featured prominently on the TV show ‘Klokhuis’. The educational children’s show, for children aged 9 to 15, has been on Dutch TV for more than 25 years.

“To be on a program that was one of my favourites when I was a boy was really very exciting and a great experience.”


In 2013 we developed and launched the CMYK Bulb, the first LED bulb that can produce coloured shadows!

The Vitra Design Museum, added our work to their ‘Lightopia‘ collection. “It’s a privilege and a great honour to see our work among the works of world-famous designers”, says Parren. The Vitra Museum in Weil on the Rhine (Germany) is among the world’s leading museums of design. It is dedicated to the research and presentation of design, past and present.

It was the first time that we were part of Glow, the International Festival of Light Art held annually in the city of Eindhoven, Netherlands, Studio Dennis Parren amazed the audience with a unique light experience.


With new, innovative ideas never ceasing to inspire Dennis, he designed the CMYK Corner, the first 3D-printed wall lamp, first shown at Galleria Rossana Orlandi in Milan.

Both the CMYK Corner and the CMYK Up launch, a table top lamp that casts coloured 3D shadows like the original CMYK pendant lamp.

Barely a year after graduating from the Eindhoven Design Academy, Studio Dennis Parren was on the shortlist of the prestigious, coveted Dutch Design Awards (in the Autonomous Design category).

For full Curriculum vitae visit my Linkedin profile.