Luxury is a vague concept. For some, going camping can be the ultimate feeling of luxury. Being free to go wherever you want, when your want. Essential to this freedom is flexibility & comfort. So Dennis created furniture that can be folded into a small lightweight package, something beautiful, lightweight and comfortable that you can carry to everywhere, unfold, set up, giving you the feeling of home wherever you want.

Over the years Dennis had to move his belongings several times from one house to the next. During this time space and flexibility were the most important requirements for good living. This need for flexibility and space inspired Dennis to come up with the idea of folding couch. Combining the quality of in-house furniture and the comfort and freedom a camping chair.

The project was a collaboration between the Design Academy and Leolux and was shown at the ‘Woonbeurs 2009′ in Amsterdam and got published in Frame magazine & Elle amongst others.