Having 3 kids of his own and a fascination for toys, especially Lego, Dennis decided to create something for his own children. Something that can be used by kids and adults to play with and by others as a nice decoration.

Playing is one of the most important things for the development of children. Imaginative & creative play helps them to learn, think, be creative, resourceful, whilst using both the body and the mind. And by playing with toys, manipulating and touching various play materials, children express themselves through play both verbally and non-verbally, and develop their muscles, senses as well as complete neurological connections in their brains.

Playing is therefore important throughout your whole life, and you need to keep that youthful, curious spirit to spark your imagination and creativity, making you a more innovative and resourceful person. So the Birds are not only for kids, they are also for you :) and at Studio Dennis Parren we would like to encourage everyone to find their inner child and keep being imaginative and creative through playing and have fun!

The birds set includes all 3 birds (Chick, Owl & Stork) + one warm LED light, and allows you to create 30 different combinations. Great to give as a gift, but maybe even better to have at home!

The Birds can be bought directly from our shop!

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